About Us


Fungi Marketing and Triad Local First have a long-standing partnership helping local businesses and encouraging members of our community to shop locally.

In response to the current global pandemic, we have partnered up once again to create a one-stop resource to help the Triad support our local businesses. We hope you contribute a small sum to help keep all these great businesses alive!



Fungi is a local Greensboro-based marketing agency specializing in data-driven demand generation. We work with a ton of local companies throughout the Triad helping them with digital marketing, sales, web design, and getting to know their data. Learn more by visiting FungiMarketing.com today.


Triad Local First is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Greensboro, North Carolina, with over 360 members – retail shops, real estate agents, insurance brokers, marketing and advertising firms, accountants, dentists, restaurants, farmers, breweries, and more.



Triad Local First promotes and strengthens the economic growth and sustainability of local, independently owned businesses.



Triad Local First invigorates and supports our locally owned and independent businesses and provides opportunities for community building. We prevent the displacement of community based businesses by national chains through education and advocacy. We cultivate an economy anchored in ownership because local independent businesses are the cornerstone of culture, economy, and a unique and vibrant community.



In addition to purchasing gift cards directly from your favorite local businesses, you can further support the “buy local” movement and even promote your own local business by becoming a member of Triad Local First.

By joining Triad Local First, you are showing your support for the “buy-local” movement and the education and advocacy that it involves. You realize that by doing so you are helping to keep more money right here in our own community and create more jobs, a stronger tax base and a place you are proud to call home.